While living in San Francisco, Limerick native Tony was drinking in an impressively well-stocked whiskey bar and noticed that in the sea of black and green bottles with rolling hills and castle, there were very few options that represented modern day, contemporary Ireland.

Inspired by the incredible wave of creativity coming out of Limerick city over the last couple of years, Tony thought this should surely extend to whiskey.

He quickly roped in Alice to put in motion an idea to remedy that. And the founders have been working on Foxes Bow Whiskey ever since!

Our whiskey and our city

share a bold and bright character.

Created by our proud Limerick founders, Foxes Bow Whiskey pays homage to the city that gave us our irreverent spirit. Sharp-tongued and charmingly brassy, it’s never been a fussy place. Home to storytellers, artists and funny fucking people.

Inspired by this, we’re taking a different approach to whiskey, partnering with Limerick creatives like John Slade to design bespoke art for our bottle, and working with a Limerick Brewer and Blender to help us get creative with the blend and types of barrel finishes, producing a whiskey with a bold character as a nod to our city.

Our uLtimate goal

is to welcome visitors to our own BRAND HOME in the heart of Limerick

... where we’ll let culture percolate under our roof. Each glass of Foxes Bow Whiskey enjoyed gets us one step closer. Cheers to that!!